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January 31, 2014

Mergermarket has released its Global M&A roundup for 2013, including its league tables for financial advisors.

Take a look at the report HERE.

A few key findings in the US include:

January 26, 2014

We want to congratulate our board member Alexandra Reed Lajoux and her co-author Dennis Roberts on the recent release of the latest in The Art of M&A series published by McGraw Hill. The Art of Bank M&A is the first of its kind in the series of books by Lajoux in that it is written to address M&A within a vertical industry vs a general M&A practice area. It is an outstanding study of the industry and goes beyond M&A by providing history and

December 24, 2013

In my past three blogs, I have discussed the Value of Certainty, The Value of Stability and the concept of Value Preservation Before Value Creation. In this issue, I want to close the series by acknowledging that the best deals are those where the deal team is truly focused on Value….. Value by the numbers and not the cosmetics in this new economy.

December 20, 2013

Will 2014 be the long anticipated time for the breakout of M&A deals?  Or, another year of post-2008 uncertainty?

As has been the case for several years, 2014 looks like it could signal the beginning of a surge in M&A deal-making.  The revival has been anticipated since the beginning of the financial crisis some five years ago, but each year as we view the fundamentals, the positive signs haven’t generated the expected volumes. 

Things may be changing….. At this writing:

December 19, 2013

A typical scenario I have observed and you may have directly experienced is the following:

December 17, 2013

Let me first set the typical context (understanding that in an M&A, very little is typical) for this in-house training program, which often is a 2-day session with the designated functional leaders of both companies:

December 16, 2013

Mergermarket  and Merrill DataSite have just released their “Dealmaking in Brazil and Mexico” report. In it, you’ll learn that rebounding economic growth and government initiatives permitting better capital flow and competition have made Latin America common ground for M&A dealmaking.

Please take a look at the full report HERE.

December 1, 2013

Since the BHP-Billiton proposal to acquire Potash Corporation was turned down by the Canadian Government in 2010, there has been an air of uncertainty regarding Canadian foreign takeover policy.  On the one hand, the government of Canada has continued to indicate that foreign investment is welcomed, but on the other hand, no explanation was provided for the Potash Corporation decision and so buyers have been left guessing about unwritten takeover restrictions.