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April 23, 2024

Why Employee Experience Matters in M&A Integration
By M&A Leadership Council 

How does employee experience actually impact an M&A integration? Employee experience plays a crucial role in the success of an integration. Here are some key ways that employee experience can impact this process....

April 4, 2024

Inexperience and Bad Decisions Help Achieve the Goal  
By Jack Prouty, Past President, M&A Leadership Council

It is considered a given that deal-makers want to achieve M&A success, but occasionally I witness behavior that challenges this assumption. I so often write articles about how to be successful; however, .......

April 2, 2024

Take a Coach's Approach to Forming a Championship M&A Integration Team
By M&A Leadership Council 

Transitioning project managers from a PMO (Project Management Office) to an IMO (Integration Management Office) requires strategic maneuvering akin to assembling a championship sports team. The success of this transition hinges on more than....

March 21, 2024

The Art of M&A® / Postmerger Integration
An excerpt from The Art of M&A, Sixth Edition: A Merger, Acquisition, and Buyout Guide by Alexandra Reed Lajoux

A number of general strategies appear to build the value of a company’s shares, no matter how that value is measured. Here are three to consider: Aim for continued, profitable growth......

March 18, 2024

How Does Talent Selection Shape M&A Success?
By M&A Leadership Council 

When considering successful mergers and acquisitions from both the acquiring and acquired companies' perspectives, talent selection takes on nuanced dimensions of strategy, psychology, and corporate culture integration.......

March 6, 2024

Vital: A Tightly Managed Process with Disciplined Teams on Both Sides
By Mark Herndon, Chairman Emeritus, M&A Leadership Council

In Don’t Fumble at the Goal Line, we discussed how to finish strong by making sure you are using seven key strategies for ensuring a successful handoff from due diligence to integration. Here’s a quick litmus test to help you determine....

March 1, 2024

They Should be Regarded as Significant Deals, Not Afterthoughts
By M&A Leadership Council

About 30% of all M&A transactions are divestitures -- so they should be regarded as significant deals, not afterthoughts. These transactions require strategic treatment due to their complexity, scope, governance, transition time.......

February 27, 2024

The Art of M&A® / Strategy
An excerpt from The Art of M&A, Sixth Edition: A Merger, Acquisition, and Buyout Guide by Alexandra Reed Lajoux

Research shows that a significant percentage of acquisitions “fail” in some way. Are they worth the risk? This is a question of facts and circumstances. Sometimes an acquisition is the right strategic choice, and other times this would be the wrong move.....