The Art of M&A® for Integration Leaders
In-Person / San Diego / Oct 11-13, 2023 / Click to Learn More
The Art of M&A® for Due Diligence Leaders
In-Person / Boston / Sept 12-14, 2023 / Click to Learn More
The Art of M&A® for Divestiture & Carve-Out Leaders
Live-Online / May 16–18, 2023 / Click to Learn More


M&A Leadership Council and M&A Partners Join Forces

Co-Founder Jim Jeffries has announced he will be leading the combination, which will offer a full suite of services to the M&A community, including Training, Certification and Consulting

The Art of M&A®

Executive Training, Certification and Consulting for M&A Professionals

Upcoming Training

September 12–14, 2023
Boston, MA / Sep 2023
October 11–13, 2023
San Diego, CA / Oct 2023

Training Preview


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button Divestitures are not just acquisitions spelled backward. They're amongst the hardest types of MA&D transactions to do successfully, and this brief tool provides a synopsis of the elements most important to get right. Download 3 Vital Components of Divestitures & Carve-Outs for your internal MA&D team here.