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M&A Leadership Council training
June 9, 2015

A "Fly-In" Deep Dive Training Conference About Managing and Leveraging IT While Linking Business Activities and Priorities

IT represents the largest investment, most potential risk and complexities, and also bottom-line business benefits in the execution of a successful integration. Because IT touches all other functional areas, an M&A integration cannot be completed until all the elements of the IT integration have been addressed.

May 26, 2015
Element 3 in the S3 Guidance Model: Stability
By Jim Jeffries, Chairman, M&A Leadership Council
Element 3 in the S3 Guidance Model:  Stability – Don’t get so tied up around creating Speed and capturing Synergies that you forget about the need to stabilize the stakeholders (employees, shareholders, customers, vendors, etc.) first.  Yes, First.  Maybe the most important integration strategy and effort is in having the tools, capabilities and a specific plan for stability. 
May 26, 2015

A “Red/Yellow/Green Light” Analysis Approach for Potential Privacy Risks
by Brian Hengesbaugh, Principal, Baker & McKenzie and Harry A. Valetk, Of Counsel, Baker & McKenzie

Nearly half (46 percent) of global financial services professionals named cyber risk as their number-one concern, a record-high level of concern, according to the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation’s (DTCC) most recent Systemic Risk Barometer Survey.  Eighty percent of respondents cited cyber risk as one of their top five risks, along with geopolitical risk and regulatory risk, and overall, cybersecurity concerns have nearly doubled in only one year, according to DTCC.

May 26, 2015

Developing an Effective Leadership Communication Style
by Tyler Durham, Partner, President, Ketchum Change

Organizations and leaders today operate in a complex state of continuous flux. There is ongoing change across industries, political and regulatory environments, leadership, technology, and communication. All of these happen quickly and with limited predictability, which is forcing organizations to meet these challenges in a new way to stay competitive.

May 26, 2015

Exactly What Email Users in Each Organization Will Need 
by Vadim Gringolts, CTO, Binary Tree

In the world of M&A, Day One is as critical of a concept as there exists: the first day when two legacy organizations can start acting as one. Effective Day One communication and collaboration between new colleagues using their legacy corporate email environments cannot be overstated.

May 26, 2015

Some Interesting M&A Data
Provided by Mergermarket

Mergermarket has released its Q1 2015 M&A trend report for the Northeast, including Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. Take a look at the full report HERE.  A few key findings include:

May 26, 2015

Seeking to Fill Positions in M&A 

The M&A Leadership Council is routinely asked to refer experienced independent or boutique consultants and project contractors for a variety of general M&A, due diligence and integration assignments. Typical assignments are with Fortune 500 or upper mid-market acquirers with active or pending opportunities. Currently, the following prospective, project-based opportunities are being sourced.

April 30, 2015

Training Session: Best Practices, Tools & Techniques for Each Phase of the Planning and Managing of an M&A Integration

The true value of an acquisition is not achieved when you close the deal, but when you complete it.  Today, as in the past, 70% of M&As fail to deliver the shareholder value promised. There is no justification for this high failure rate.  By focusing on both the art and the science of effective M&A integration, companies can “stack the deck for success.”