Feb 2014 Chairman's Message: Welcoming Citrix to the Council

So, where do you go for serious business communications tools and the best in document management today?  The M&A Leadership Council announces this week that Citrix has joined as our newest partner organization.  Many of you know Citrix for their extremely intuitive and effective communications solutions, GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar. 

We are very excited to endorse Citrix’s ShareFile Virtual Data Room (VDR) for secure storage, transfer and overall document management.  In our opinion, the Citrix ShareFile capabilities are best in the M&A business and we welcome them into partnership with the Council.  Beginning with the upcoming Art of Due Diligence workshop in San Diego on March27th, Citrix ShareFile will begin presenting best practices for Secure Document Management in all aspects of M&A.  Companies often underestimate the importance of the user experience when standing up a VDR for a potential buyer or seller.  As you know, in M&A, avoiding anything that would increase frustration with the process must be avoided.

A virtual data room from Citrix ShareFile allows you to easily control, share and track your secure documents — it’s your complete due diligence solution. This web-based virtual data room allows parties around the world to access documents easily and securely with complete audit trails.

In addition to the Citrix ShareFile products and new content for our Due Diligence workshops, we are excited to gain Citrix as a partner to assist us in launching our new Webinar Series which will be announced soon.  The Webinar Series will showcase nuance M&A practices and deal with the most pressing issues for M&A professionals and practitioners.

Please join me in welcoming Citrix to the M&A Leadership Council! 
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