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M&A Integration Strategy: How to Acquire “New and Different”

SaaS Executives Share 5 Lessons
By John Christman, Former Corporate Development Global Head of M&A Integration, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Digital transformation is increasingly driving the acquisition of new, different and non-traditional businesses that require a substantially different approach to integration. And even though these acquisitions .....

When Does Due Diligence Begin and Who Conducts It?

The Art of M&A® / Due Diligence 
An excerpt from The Art of M&A, Fifth Edition: A Merger, Acquisition, and Buyout Guide by Alexandra Reed Lajoux

The due diligence process begins from the moment a buyer senses a possible acquisition opportunity. The buyer then starts to examine the information that is readily available at this early time about the company. 

Divestitures & Carve-Outs: The Right TSAs are "Make or Break"

Complex Transactions, Third-Party Vendor Relationships and IT Management All Call for Thorough TSAs
By William Blandford, Managing Director at Blandford Associates and Member of the Board of M&A Standards

Why do so many divestitures fail to live up to their potential value? Transition Services Agreements (TSAs) often get overlooked or pushed off until far too late in the transaction. Yet a solid TSA certainly preserves deal value, especially in these three scenarios.

Hidden Heroes of the IMO, Part One

Building the Case for Your Integration Management Office
By Mark Herndon, Chairman of the M&A Leadership Council 

We’ve always believed that M&A success is “top-down strategy-led process highly dependent on superb, bottom-up integration program management, planning, and execution.” 

Deal Failures, Cybersecurity and Due Diligence

Chairman's Message - February 2020
By Mark Herndon, Chairman of M&A Leadership Council 

Two recent data points powerfully drove home the importance of the upcoming Art of M&A℠ Due Diligence workshop, April 14-16, 2020, in San Diego. First, the Bain Corporate M&A Report 2020, which highlighted 2019 survey data

M&A Competency: A Business Imperative

Building In-House Competencies for Acquisition Growth
By Jack Prouty, President of M&A Leadership Council

Eight years ago, Jim Jeffries and I started the M&A Leadership Council to give back by sharing our M&A expertise with the business community through our public M&A training programs and other avenues, such as the M&A Monthly. We thought initially the draw would be with midsize companies who had no experience in M&As.

Learn the Importance of "Building Internal M&A Capabilities"

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  "Corporate Review" and M&A Partners Discuss M&A Success

July 15, 2015 - Boca Raton, Florida -- Mergers and acquisitions offer companies ample opportunities for growth and profit, but many companies do not have the experience and knowledge necessary to be successful in this area. M&A Partners believes that they can help companies navigate their market confidently.