M&A Specialties


Internal M&A Capability Development

  • Gap and Opportunity Assessment: Evaluate your current M&A capabilities to identify potential gaps, risks and opportunities
  • Solutions, Strategies, and Skills: Deliver tailored solutions, strategies, and skills to assure your organization's success throughout any deal lifecycle
  • Enterprise M&A Capability: Establish a robust, repeatable M&A capability and readiness within your organization
  • Talent and Techniques: Leverage senior experts, thought-leading research, and best practices for M&A success
  • MergerMax M&A Framework: Has been built over the last ten years and houses all the knowledge, workflow, tools and templates trained by the M&A Leadership Council and deployed through our consulting teams

Integration Strategy & Executive Advisory

  • "Game Day" Integration Strategy Planning: Bridge the gap between due diligence and integration, aligning value-drivers and integration decisions
  • Executive Coaching: Senior advisors can serve as adjunct members of your M&A executive steering committee, providing guidance and recommendations
  • M&A Readiness and Capability Assessments: Assess the readiness of your internal M&A processes, experience, and resourcing for optimal results
  • Merger Repair: Deliver new value to underperforming assets from prior acquisitions or prepare for divestitures

Turnkey IMO & DMO Services

  • Diligence Management Office (DMO): Implement a disciplined and efficient approach to accelerate, enhance and perform a more robust due diligence
  • Core Due Diligence Services: Leverage best-in-class approaches for financial, IT, operations, and legal due diligence
  • Culture, Fit & Value Assessment: Assess and address cultural aspects to preserve and leverage target company attributes
  • Integration Management Office (IMO): Establish and manage the integration team for SpeedSynergy capture and Stabilization through the entire process
  • Coordinated Integration Team Kick-off: Efficiently launch working teams from both buyer and target organizations
  • Milestones and Metrics: Establish and manage essential milestones throughout the integration process


Change Management & Business Transformation

  • M&A Change Management: Effectively manage people and organizational risks to maximize M&A results
  • Current Culture Capture: Understand and align on the language and reality of the combination
  • Define Desired Outcomes: Identify the processes, systems, beliefs, and behaviors necessary to bring about the best in all areas of the combination
  • Define the Path to Get There: Create a clear and aligned roadmap for change, identifying priorities and potential delays

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