The Hidden Heroes of the Integration Management Office: Leading Your IMO from Good to Great

The Hidden Heroes of the Integration Management Office: Leading Your IMO from Good to Great They are back! The hidden heroes of the Integration Management Office (IMO). Your next M&A won’t succeed without a superb strategy, combined with outstanding integration management, planning, and execution.    view

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Hyper-Competitive M&A: Corporate Development Success Strategies for Today’s Deal Market

“Work harder, run faster, stretch further, do it all over again – right away and all at once!” That may sound like the slogan for the latest boot camp fitness program – but it’s the life and times of today’s Corporate Development Executive!      view

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Lessons from the Deal Kings

This dynamic discussion among executives from Cisco, Google, and Microsoft is a can't miss event. These organizations are pioneers in building internal M&A capabilities and delivering consistent MA&D results time after time.     view

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M&A Software

Realize the Return on Investment (ROI) in M&A Software Solutions

You know it is there -- the ROI of purpose-built M&A software solutions. But believing is not necessarily seeing. Producing that ROI can be frustrating, elusive, and challenging – even for experienced acquirers!    view

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M&A Market Outlook

M&A Market Outlook -- From Full Stop to Full Throttle!

Q3 2020 will be remembered as the quarter the M&A market resembled NHRA Championship Drag Racing. From an abrupt and nearly full-stop due to the “pandemic red light” in March -- to deals across multiple sectors hitting the gas and launching full-throttle down the track trying in earnest to get across the finish line by the end of the year.     view

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The Hidden Heroes of the IMO: Superpowers and Abilities of Integration Leaders & Program Managers

It has been said that “M&A success is a top-down, strategy led endeavor, driven by superb, bottom-up program management, planning, and execution.” Said another way, M&A is typically NOT successful unless you have BOTH of those elements fully operational and effective.     view

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Essentials for IT Effectiveness Across the Entire M&A Lifecycle

Pick your metaphor for IT M&A…the “long pole in the tent”; critical path; synergy trap; sinkhole, disaster. You’ve heard them all. Don’t you think it’s now time to hear more about how to get IT M&A right than wrong? Join this expert IT M&A panel for a lively discussion of what works, the lessons learned, and practical insights for truly successful IT M&A at each phase of the M&A lifecycle.     view

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Avoiding Classic Mistakes in Due Diligence

Historically, half to two-thirds of deals failed to deliver the full anticipated strategic or financial results.     view

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HR Challenges for Your Next Big Deal

Getting the “people components” right during M&A has always been challenging. Now it’s even harder. How will your HR M&A processes and practices HAVE TO CHANGE to meet the demands of post-COVID M&A?    view

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How the Best Spell Divest

Relatively few organizations divest frequently enough to develop a true internal capability or skill set to predictably succeed when it’s time to sell. Simply put, divestitures are not “acquisitions spelled backwards,” and many highly experienced companies point out that divesting – as well as buying and integrating a divested unit (carve-out) -- is much harder than a typical acquisition.    view

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