How the Best Spell Divest

2020-08-11T11:00:00-05:00 to 2020-08-11T12:00:00-05:00


Divesting for the Best Business Results


Contemplating or pursuing a divestiture?  You’re not alone!

Growth opportunity is so important right now. According to a recent M&A Leadership Council survey (Global M&A Reset: During and After the COVID-19 Storm), nearly 25% of executives anticipated making one or more divestiture in the next twelve calendar months. More recent surveys point to upwards of 75% of executives that now are contemplating or actively pursuing a divestiture.

Feeling ill-equipped to navigate that challenge?  You’re still in good company!

Relatively few organizations divest frequently enough to develop a true internal capability, skill set and streamline operating models to predictably succeed when it’s time to sell. Simply put, divestitures are not “acquisitions spelled backwards,” and many highly experienced companies point out that divesting – as well as buying and integrating a divested unit (carve-out) -- is much harder than a typical acquisition.

Wondering where to go from here? We’ve got you!

This webinar presents immediately applicable insights, lessons learned and next steps for any executive, manager or company contemplating a future divestiture. Discussion topics will include:

  • The divestiture lifecycle and value creation curve
  • Developing and managing a transition services agreement (TSA)
  • Optimizing the seller’s remaining business
  • Plus, panel discussion of questions submitted by webinar participants.

Join this group of deeply experienced corporate practitioners to put your company ahead of the curve for your next divestiture or carve-out acquisition.