Realize the Return on Investment (ROI) in M&A Software Solutions

2021-02-10T10:00:00-06:00 to 2021-02-10T11:00:00-06:00

Realize the Return on Investment (ROI) in M&A Software Solutions

You know it is there -- the ROI of purpose-built M&A software solutions. But believing is not necessarily seeing. Producing that ROI can be frustrating, elusive, and challenging – even for experienced acquirers!

Delivering demonstrable business results through purpose-built M&A software. The MA&D process automation and rigor. The visibility of and accountability to results.  Pipeline management, resource efficiency, real-time integration plan statusing, streamlined issue management, improved coordination, and accelerated completions. These are “make-or-break” outcomes that are mission-critical for your organization’s continued growth through MA&D.

This distinctive executive-level panel discussion will feature the actual CEOs and key executives of the leading purpose-built, end-to-end M&A software solution providers. This is not a competitive pitch session. Instead, this exclusive webinar will help your executive team, and M&A team deliver improved and accelerated results from M&A software solutions by hearing actual best-use cases and client successes – regardless of the specific solution chosen. 

Key Discussion Topics Will Include: 

  • Compare and contrast – best software implementation vs. not so great.
  • What organizations should establish and have in place BEFORE implementing software?
  • Essentials for effective configuration and deployment. 
  • When to implement – can you implement prior to a “live-deal?”
  • Ensuring optimal work-stream and SME usage of your new software solutions.
  • IMO and change management requirements for M&A software implementation success.
  • Plus, the audience submitted questions for open dialogue.