M&A best practices

3 Principles for Integration Success, in a Perfectly Framed Case Study

Sometimes Complete Integration Isn't the Right Answer
By Jeffrey Cartwright, M&A Leadership Council Alum and Managing Partner of Shoreview Advisors

After only one day of due diligence, our integration team had to decide whether to Newellize Holson Burnes. We initially identified no synergies in sales, marketing or product development. Thus we opted to Newellize Holson Burnes as a hybrid......

Structuring and Management of Transition Service Agreements (TSA) in Carve-Outs

The Buyer's Perspective 
Written by Chittur P. Narayan, Principal Director of M&A Integration Management at CBRE, Inc.

Carve-outs are among the most complex transactions. This is especially true when the carve-out involves the sale of a business unit that is operationally integrated with the rest of the parent company’s business. In such transactions, the seller may be......

How to Estimate Target Value: 19 Questions to Ask

The Art of M&A® / Due Diligence: Precedent Transactions Analysis
An excerpt from The Art of M&A, Fifth Edition: A Merger, Acquisition, and Buyout Guide by Alexandra Reed Lajoux

Unfortunately, there are some limitations to using comparable transactions to estimate the value of a target. Here again, precedent transactions share several of these disadvantages with their comparable company brethren.