The Art of M&A® IT Effectiveness

Course Summary

Stop ignoring IT--the area of largest costs, highest risks and greatest interdependencies in every M&A deal. Business and IT leaders must partner to align their efforts and address the numerous joint business/IT issues presented by integrating two companies. Ideal for M&A leaders and IT professionals alike, this program will teach you how to actively manage IT as an asset in the business context; and to identify the key technology implications of M&A. You’ll leave with a firm grasp of operations and decisionmaking in the context of acquisitions; building a common language for business and IT; staffing and resourcing; cybersecurity; and evolving technology trends.

Our unique workshop-style programs include case studies, breakout sessions and panel discussions, along with ample time for networking with presenters and colleagues.

Topics Will Include:

  • Business/IT operational and decision-making alignment for M&A success
  • Building a common language between business and IT for effective communications
  • Recognizing and remediating deal-value risks related to IT
  • Managing IT issues, challenges, and opportunities across the M&A life cycle: Strategy, diligence, stabilization, integration and optimization 
  • Addressing staffing and  resourcing issues
  • Managing priorities and expectations in business and IT partnering
  • Evolving technology trends and issues: IT for the non-IT executive
  • Lessons learned and best practices in managing IT within the overall business integration

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