M&A Career Opportunities - October 2020

Calling All Available IMO Leaders

With the resurgence in M&A activity over the last several weeks, the M&A Leadership Council is fielding several urgent requests from acquirers, Partner Organizations, and Sponsors. As a necessary short-term response to the pandemic, many organizations reassigned or furloughed skilled integration management office leaders and are now caught in a crunch.

We are actively networking with a number of potential opportunities and would welcome your help in identifying strong integration management leaders within your network. Please forward this notice to individuals you know or have worked with before that fit the criteria briefly described below.

Criteria include:

  • Highly experienced in full enterprise (all work-streams / cross-functional) M&A Integration Management Office leadership and management;
  • Internal or external consulting roles leading, planning, and executing full-lifecycle merger and acquisition integration programs (acquisitions, mergers, divestitures) from inception to completion;
  • Ability to lead, influence, provide accountability and implement program objectives with leaders at all levels and within all functions;
  • Ability to serve as the lead architect and drive day to day execution of the integration process, including planning, execution, monitoring, controlling, oversight of operations, budget management, executive sponsor updates, and resource coordination across all integration office requirements and initiatives.

Thank you for your help! For more information or to submit a resume, please contact: [email protected].