Hyper-Competitive M&A: Corporate Development Success Strategies for Today’s Deal Market

2021-06-30T10:00:00-05:00 to 2021-06-30T11:00:00-05:00

Hyper-Competitive M&A: Corporate Development Success Strategies for Today’s Deal Market 
June 30, 2021 10AM CST | 11AM EST

“Work harder, run faster, stretch further, do it all over again – right away and all at once!” 

That may sound like the slogan for the latest boot camp fitness program – but it’s the life and times of today’s Corporate Development Executive!  

Confronted by perhaps the most hyper-competitive M&A deal markets that have existed in recent memory, today’s corporate M&A deal leaders must perform like never before. More challenging is the fact that today’s obstacles for corporate development leaders are not just about speed. It is about pivoting (rapidly) to new post-pandemic strategies, deal types, valuation levels, methods and processes, and technologies. And doing it in a way that enables you to get to closing with the most desirable targets – AND capture the intended business case.  

Based on practical insights from highly skilled acquirers across multiple industry sectors, this webinar will help you lead, execute and WIN in today’s hyper-competitive deal market. 

Discussion topics include: 

  • Strategy and portfolio management and using creative deal structures as drivers to facilitate the post-pandemic strategic resets and realignments of our businesses  
  • Corporate Venture Capital as an extension of M&A 
  • Capability expansion deals – responding to the shifting market and getting ahead of the needs of the future customers 
  • Valuation challenges - de-risking sky-high valuations in “must-have” competitive bids with SPACs, corporate buyers, and PEs  
  • How the corporate development role is changing with the times 
  • Technology tools and resources to accelerate key M&A requirements 
  • Open Q&A – ask your questions of the distinguished panel