Avoiding Classic Mistakes in Due Diligence

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Avoiding Classic Mistakes in Due Diligence

Date/Time: September 9, 2020 | 10:00am CST/11:00am EDT

Due diligence has always been hard – now it is tougher.  

Historically, half to two-thirds of deals failed to deliver the full anticipated strategic or financial results. Post-COVID M&A complicates your ability to hit the deal thesis, requiring acquirers to rethink how they approach due diligence in many areas, including these essential topics, and others: 

  • Diligence Strategy, Structure, and Governance. Identify classic diligence mistakes often made by executive decision-makers, corporate development, and SME teams, and what you can do to improve and de-risk your next diligence effort. 
  • Post-COVID Financial Analysis – What is EBITDAC (earnings adjusted for COVID-impact), and how should prospective Buyers analyze a Seller’s suggested add-back adjustments? How should the Seller’s pro-forma recovery plan be evaluated in light of macro-economic and other industry trends?
  • People Related Risks – What more should you evaluate to gauge potential effectiveness or challenges or remote and work-from-home strategies of a potential TargetCo? How has the Target effectively addresses health, safety, mental health, and socialization, and cultural needs of the Target, and what are the implications for integration? 

Presented by a panel of profoundly experienced corporate MA&D practitioners, and incorporating questions from the audience, attend this webinar to put your company ahead of the curve for your next due diligence effort.