Mergermarket an Acuris company

Mergermarket an Acuris company

M&A Intelligence and analysis for M&A Professionals and Corporates

Mergermarket an Acuris company is the must-have intelligence and news service for anyone involved in mergers and acquisitions.

The company started out in 2000, and we now have offices and bureaus in 65 locations across Europe, North & South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. We've also got the largest team of dedicated M&A journalists and analysts providing the latest merger news anywhere in
the world.

Predictive intelligence

Our global team of 400 dedicated M&A journalists, spread in over 67 locations, gathers proprietary information about corporate strategy through its network of industry contacts and executives. All of this data is compiled into our M&A deals database - providing M&A intelligence you won't find anywhere else.

The insight you'll gain from Acuris often doesn't become public knowledge until 6-24 months after our journalists first report on it, giving you a large window of opportunity to take early action.

League tables

Because we're always up to speed on which advisors are working which M&A deals, our detailed 'Who's who in M&A' league tables has become an industry standard among investment professionals.

As a subscriber, you can custom build individual or house league tables to analyze firm performance and enhance your marketing, competitor analysis or pitch book efforts.


Our new ECM tab is more than just an origination tool. It’s an independent voice, delivering the news and information you need to know about, ahead of the market.


Our multilingual team of journalists monitors more than 3,000 global media sources daily, analyzing and translating the most relevant information into summarized articles that you will receive in your alerts, together with the proprietary intelligence.

Deals database

Mergermarkets' comprehensive M&A Deals Database offers you the opportunity to search a global library of historical Merger and Acquisition transactions with fully-sourced financials and exit multiples. You can analyze volumes and values of M&A activity in specific regions or sectors to discover deal patterns and identify trends ahead of competitors.

Private equity portfolio

Our customizable Private Equity Search facility provides you with extensive analyses of more than 1,000 of the world's biggest private equity firms. Analyze specific PE firms in terms of current portfolio, historical exits, potential investments, firm profile, historical advisor and investment relationships, as well as rival bidders to monitor competitors and stay on top of your market.