M&A Partners

M&A Partners

Senior Advisors. Superior Results.

M&A Partners was founded in 1999 for the sole purpose of discovering, adapting and deploying M&A “Best Practices” for Integration to merging clients and consultancies. We have been in the trenches. The personnel of M&A Partners are “no nonsense” senior executives with years of M&A application and experience walking in the shoes of our clients.

Our firm offers the best in M&A tools, technology, software, training and advisory services available.  Merger Integration is all we do.

We provide training and support that will enable your due diligence teams and subsequent integration teams to dramatically increase their M&A knowledge and effectiveness from Culture Due Diligence through Announcement Planning through Talent Retention through Integration Planning through Communications to Day 1 and Beyond.

We all know by now that few corporate mergers or acquisitions achieve the results envisioned the day the deal is struck. Lack of structure, discipline and transparency, difficulties in cross-team communications, a clash of cultures, the inability to cope with unforeseen events, and lack of integration team coordination all contribute to deal-eroding delays and synergy leakage — an environment that makes success a rare and difficult accomplishment.

However, since our inception, M&A Partners has been focused on the development and deployment of M&A advice, practices and tools that can assure the success of today's acquirers. We offer a suite of services that directly impact the most critical phases of making acquisitions. For more information, please visit us online.