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M&A Leadership Council training
September 29, 2015

Seeking to Fill M&A Positions

Are you or someone you know ready for a new role in the M&A field?  Please take a look at these positions and submit your resume to [email protected]; the Council will forward best candidates to the pertinent company.

August 27, 2015

Chairman's Message, August 2015
by Jim Jeffries, Chairman, M&A Leadership Council

The requirements for successful merger integration are often counterintuitive to most business practices and tenets. And, so it is when most companies discard the talent they just purchased and lay the added responsibility for integration on the backs of the personnel who are also responsible for running the business.

August 27, 2015

The Secret for M&A Value Capture that’s Right in Your Own Backyard
by Jack Prouty, President, M&A Leadership Council

If you knew where 40% of the success potential for your M&A were buried, would you look for it? Of course you would – and the great news is that you can actually uncover it right now, within your own team.

August 27, 2015
An Interview with M&A HR Experts
Contributions by Moira Donoghue and Len Gray
How pivotal are culture, change and talent to the successful outcome of an M&A? Jim Jeffries, Chairman of the M&A Leadership Council, recently met with Moira Donoghue and Len Gray to discuss HR in mergers and acquisitions for the upcoming HR event in Dallas.  Moira and Len are both former M&A business leaders and senior consultants at Mercer.
August 27, 2015

An Excerpt from "The Employee Handbook for Navigating Mergers and Acquisitions"
by Mitchell Lee Marks

In a merger or acquisition, some uncertainty will reign as your organization is no longer what it was, but not yet what it intends to be. People are not sure how and where they fit in, largely because the organization has yet to settle into place and a new culture emerges. Systems and .... 

August 27, 2015

Some Interesting M&A Data
Provided by Mergermarket

A new infographic by Mergermarket reveals US Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) M&A is SOARING in 2015; so much so that it is close to already exceeding 2014 as a whole! This is mainly because of the Telecommunications (Telco) sector, which has already surpassed its full year of 2014.

August 27, 2015

Seeking to Fill M&A Positions

Looking for a new role in M&A?  Please take a look at these open positions and see if you or someone you know might be a great fit.... Submit your resume to [email protected]; the Council will forward best candidates to the pertinent company.

July 29, 2015

What Begins to Happen After Day One
by Vadim Gringolts, CTO, Binary Tree

As it relates to corporate email systems, Day One is focused on enabling the employees of the merging organizations to transparently send and receive email internally and externally, as well as schedule meetings, with everyone in both organizations. My prior article covered the four key elements of achieving these Day One goals.