Melissa Follis , Manager, CMAS & Administration

Melissa Follis of M&A Leadership Council

Melissa’s organizational skills and proactive problem-solving have boosted the Certified M&A Specialist program since she started managing it in 2017. She has a passion for helping the candidates reach their career goals by earning their CMAS credential, and she is committed to ensuring that attendees have the best experience possible at the M&A Leadership Council’s training events.

Prior to joining the Council, Melissa’s career has been predominantly in the legal and publishing industries. She now lends her editing skills to the M&A Monthly newsletter, in addition the Council’s printed and electronic writing. And her support for the Council’s training events is built from experience in assisting CLE training courses.

Melissa holds a bachelor’s in English and Theology from Dallas Baptist University and volunteers with local women’s charities. 

You can learn more about the Certified M&A Specialist program by visiting the website or contacting Melissa directly.