Chairman's Message - April 2019


A Smooth Integration Begins with Thorough Due Diligence
By Jim Jeffries, Chairman of the M&A Leadership Council

Thorough due diligence cannot guarantee a successful deal but it can act as a primary protection for the acquirer against buying a time-bomb or facing litigation. In nearly one out of three cases, the diligence process will turn up deal breakers. But when it doesn’t, it allows the acquirer to take mitigating actions to push the deal forward. Proper due diligence provides the basis for integration planning and activities.

We find that many companies approach due diligence by trying to leverage publicly available information or continuing to repeat historic practices that may not fit the specific deal type or a new strategy for the target acquisition. Attendees to our Due Diligence training learn about the nuanced information that needs to be garnered during the diligence phase: cybersecurity, differing work practices, new cultural risks and many other discoveries to investigate before bringing on a new business.

I believe that every attendee to our Art of M&A Due DiligenceSM program would agree that the training they received from our expert presenters will be instrumental to their practices going forward.

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