The Art of M&A® Program Management

Course Summary

Build on the fundamentals of effective program management with the skills, tools and nuances demanded by the M&A environment. Designed especially for integration program and project managers responsible for delivering financial and operational results, this training program offers a hands-on, tactical approach to managing the life cycle of M&A integrations, complete with blueprints, tools and techniques for success. You’ll learn the “technical nuts and bolts” of integration program management in the context of acquisition rationale, from defining KPIs and CSFs and outlining key deliverables by phase, to managing resources and implementing smart tools.

Our unique workshop-style programs include case studies, breakout sessions and panel discussions, along with ample time for networking with presenters and colleagues.

Topics will include:

  • M&A Life Cycle: The M&A Life Cycle and responsibilities of the Integration Manager  within each phase of the end-to-end M&A process
  • Governance & Resourcing: Comprehensive M&A governance and resourcing models to ensure adequate oversight and staffing of the program
  • Budgeting and Financial Management: Integration budget models and synergy tracking and reporting  techniques to ensure financial responsibility throughout the program
  • Smart Tools and Technology Solutions: An overview of the modern tools and technologies available to maximize efficiency and provide visibility to executives as the Integration Manager and Integration teams collaborate, coordinate, track progress and report results
  • Diligence and Integration Management: The technical nuts and bolts of managing the integration program from Due Diligence through “integration complete” including a blueprint for success and the tools and techniques needed by real practitioners
  • Risk and Opportunity Management: A methodology for identifying and managing the risks and opportunities inherent in the deal
  • Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Metrics: Techniques for clarifying the “critical few” factors that will define integration success and the key metrics that must be monitored to achieve these goals
  • Quality Assurance, Closeout and Continuous Improvement: An effective cycle of quality to ensure that the right people are doing the right things throughout the program, that the program is closed out effectively and that lessons learned are captured and applied to the process for continuous improvement
Who should attend:
  • Integration directors and managers responsible for overall integration process success (including relevant roles during due diligence as members of the Diligence Management Office)
  • Integration program and project managers responsible for enterprise or functional / business unit integration planning and execution across the M&A Life Cycle 
  • Workstream leaders and dedicated workstream project / program managers responsible for integration planning and execution of their specific workstream across the M&A  Life Cycle 
  • Other key executives (Corporate Development, M&A, HR, IT) tasked with building a more robust and repeatable M&A capability in their respective organizations

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