M&A Leadership Council Highlighted at a Top Ten M&A Site

M&A Leadership Council Highlighted at a Top Ten M&A Site
By Mark Herndon,Chairman

It’s always gratifying when unsolicited positive feedback comes your way.

The M&A Leadership Council was honored late last month by a leading investment, financial and business news site, ValueWalk, as the #1 M&A site for valuable news, insights and expertise.

In their analysis, “The M&A Leadership Council is possibly the biggest collection of talent and professionals in M&A. They offer years of real-world experience and knowledge to their users. They also offer updates and news on deals happening in businesses around the world, along with their opinions on it. The leaders on the M&A leadership Council include M&A attorneys and experts, giving you the best solutions that align with your needs.”

More important than the recognition of the M&A Leadership Council sponsors, presenters and newsletter contributors, we believe this is a strong endorsement of the expertise and excellence of each of you - as alumni of the Council’s many workshops, webinars and other services. It is also a testament to the importance of corporate practitioners, like you, that are intent on helping your organizations build internal M&A capability and produce consistent, repeatable business results with every deal.

Our sincere thanks to each of our alumni members, newsletter contributors, our outstanding sponsors (Willis Towers WatsonProphet, BDO, Intralinks, MergerMarket, Citrix, McGraw Hill Education and M&A Partners) for your support, thought leadership and commitment to the corporate M&A community.

Accordingly, be sure to bookmark the M&A Leadership Council blog site and each of these partner sites for practical, useful insights for your M&A team, and in the meantime, we hope to see you at the next workshop!

Very best regards,

Mark Herndon
Chairman, M&A Leadership Council