Chairman's Message - September 2019


The State of M&A
By Jim Jeffries, Chairman of the M&A Leadership Council

I am excited to share with you the growth we have seen across the board at M&A Leadership Council in 2019. Over 3,500 M&A professionals have attended our public training events, and in response to the feedback of our alumni, we expanded our two-day programs (The Art of M&A for HR LeadersTM and The Art of M&A Program ManagementTM) to three days. The material from our expert presenters was so rich and expansive it could not remain confined in the shorted format. We are also happy for the additional time to network and get to know each of our attendees during these programs. 

On-site trainings have been popular this year as we have wrapped up several big organization programs that were customized to fit their current needs for the transactions they are working on.  It is always fun to gather a group of our experts together to provide the forum to take much deeper dives into the process and procedures.

Our Certified M&A Specialist Program has reached an exciting milestone with 300 members in the program, including 71 who have earned their CMAS credential. CMAS is gaining recognition among peers and hiring managers as an indication that the recipient not only understands M&A best practices but has demonstrated them as a leader in multiple completed deals.

Join us in closing out the year strong by attending The Art of M&A IntegrationTM, and you will be ready to face the M&A challenges of 2020.


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