Chairman's Message - May 2019


Introducing The Art of M&A, 5th Edition
By Jim Jeffries, Chairman of the M&A Leadership Council

We are a little more than a month away from the release of one of the most highly anticipated business books in a decade.  The Art of M&A, Fifth Edition (McGraw Hill Education) will be available in July.  This 1,200-page masterpiece covers M&A from A to Z and represents the culmination of the outstanding career of Alexandra Reed Lajoux who’s Art of M&A book series has sold more than 30,000 copies worldwide and can be found in more than a thousand libraries.  This new release will surely become a treasured resource for acquisitive corporations, private equity and the halls of our best business schools.

I’m proud to announce that Barnes and Noble is teaming up with McGraw Hill to do a book signing event at the Barnes and Noble 5th avenue location in New York City on August 22.  For more information about this event and to reserve your copy in advance, you can go to

I’m sure our alumni would join all of us at the M&A Leadership Council and the Board of M&A Standards in congratulating Alex Lajoux for the release of The Art of M&A, Fifth Edition.

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