Chairman's Message - March 2019


Don’t Delay Go-to-Market Decisions
By Jim Jeffries, Chairman of the M&A Leadership Council

Why do so many deal leaders seem to ignore questions about customer engagement, marketing and brand strategy? Critical revenue stabilization or upside capture tends to gain attention post close rather than during the diligence or integration planning phases.

Let Prophet, the M&A Leadership Council’s newest partner firm, surface the importance of your go-to-market strategy. With global reach and expertise in the areas of Brand Management and Digital Transformation, we are excited to introduce Prophet as a featured presenter in our Art of M&A Integration and Art of M&A Divestitures and Carve-outs programs.

Their article, Why You Should Bring Customers to the M&A Table,” was published recently by and identifies three pitfalls with most M&A processes:

  • Customer-facing teams are the last to know.
  • Sloppy analytics, weak data.
  • “It’s not my problem.”

Join the Council as we welcome Prophet to the Art of M&A executive training team!

Enjoy the newsletter.

Jim Jeffries

M&A Leadership Council