Aug 2014 Chairman's Message: Integration Effectiveness Survey Results

Announcing 'The State of M&A Integration Effectiveness 2014'

Do you know the 10 best practices that make a real difference in Integration outcomes today?  Not the old standards like early planning, comprehensive checklists or speed.  No, we’re talking about the things that really matter and if done, can eliminate value erosion, increase synergy capture and maintain stakeholder stability throughout the integration.

I’m happy to announce the upcoming webcast to be presented on September 10, 2014 at 2PM Eastern time.  Mark Herndon and Stephanie Snyder of M&A Partners will be joining me for a one-hour presentation of the complete results of a recent survey of more than 150 top acquirers, ‘The State of M&A Integration Effectiveness 2014.’  These results are quite impressive and unlike typical surveys that point to failures in M&A, you will hear about the specific actions that link to key business results.  You will hear of several nuance practices that few companies are aware of, but clearly make a difference for those who leverage them.

Webcast Topics:

  • General Observations – Is the M&A Community getting better at this?
  • Key Findings
  • The 5 Highest ROI Actions to Take Right Now

Each participant viewing the webcast will receive a copy of the full report

TOPIC:  The State of M&A Integration Effectiveness 2014
WEBCAST:  “Integration Practices that ‘Move the Needle’ on Results”
DATE:  September 10, 2014
TIME:  2:00 PM Eastern

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