Opportunities Across High-Growth Markets: Trends in Cross-Border M&A

Open a newspaper today and you are bound to read about the next wave of emerging or high-growth markets. Whether it be a headline on Turkey becoming the third fastest growing country in the world by 2017, the passing of a new foreign investment law in Myanmar, or a new acronym touting a group of countries as the next BRICS, there is no doubt the global M&A market is changing. Shifting patterns in outbound M&A signal a greater proportion of deals involving high growth markets in the years ahead.

We have seen this trend in the deals we are doing, and continue to witness it through the needs of our clients. Our clients require us in more places, and they have always been the driving force behind the Firm's growth. In 2012, we became the first global law firm in Peru, and over the past three years, we opened offices in Morocco, South Africa, Turkey, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Being on the ground in new and promising markets provides unique awareness of the cultural differences and the standards needed to be successful.


Presented courtesy of:  Baker & McKenzie, Legal & Regulatory Partner of the M&A Leadership Council, bakermckenzie.com