View from the Trenches: Quick, Early Wins Can Be Worth a Million More

"Real Life" Success Stories, Best Practices & Case Studies

During our ART OF M&A INTEGRATION workshops, I will often comment that a near term priority for Day One of Close is to focus on delivering a Quick Win or Early Success that will demonstrate the benefits of the deal. While this often can translate into some “business win” such as a sale to a new customer that neither organization had before or an integrated product or service that combines the best of the two organizations, the best early success or quick win centers on the employees. Those employees, particularly, who came over from the acquired company and are feeling a loss or have not yet embraced being part of the new organization, must experience a quick win.

I challenge all of you to focus on delivering a Quick Win or Early Success centered on the employees (and by the way, it does not have to just be one thing). That Quick Win could be something that is “broken” in the acquired company which you can quickly fix. Here are some examples that companies have done in this area:

  • The prior management was aloof and never really expressed appreciation or value for its employees. Shortly after Day One the acquiring company had an employee recognition day. They threw a party and recognized those employees with five, ten, and 20 years of service. I was amazed at the impact this had on all employees. It didn’t effect just those honored, it set the tone that this new company valued them more than their previous company ever did.  READ MORE

Submitted by Jack Prouty, President of M&A Leadership Council