Aug 2013 Chairman's Spotlight: Creating Certainty in Your M&A Practices

Having multiple cycles through acquisitions should no doubt improve the future outcomes for your internal M&A teams.  The more transaction cycles through negotiations, due diligence and integration you do, the more you will improve the recipe over time.  Right?  That is, of course, if the same people go through the same cycles and document the same experiences and subsequent best practices for future deals.  History has proven that even highly acquisitive companies cannot be certain that the next acquisition will go better than the last or deliver the future promises made to stakeholders.

However, Certainty will be increased when the executives responsible for M&A value creation tap into the best practices and tools of experts and incorporate them into future acquisitions.

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September 10-11, 2013 / CHICAGO- The Metropolitan Club

The Art of M&A IT Integration:  A critical aspect which crosses the entire life cycle of an effective M&A is the IT integration. Because IT touches all other functional areas, an M&A integration cannot be completed until all the elements of the IT integration and interfaces have been addressed.  IT represents the largest investment, potential risk and complexities, and also bottom-line business benefits in executing a successful integration and achieving shareholder expectations.

September 25-26, 2013 / CHICAGO- The Metropolitan Club

The Art of Cross-Border M&A:  Optimism surrounds the current outlook for global M&A activity, particularly in terms of cross border deals.  Cost-cutting has resulted in more available cash, and with cheaper financing options and more robust market conditions, executives are thinking more creatively about their growth strategies. Meanwhile, companies in emerging and high-growth market countries are eager to expand, and one of the quickest routes to do so is via M&A.

October 8-9, 2013 / ORLANDO- Citrus Club

The Art of M&A Due Diligence – Beyond the Numbers:  The investigation of potential acquisition targets with an eye toward red flags, risks, and opportunities that could impact the deal. Analyzing your target in the right way as part of the due diligence process can help detect problems that may confirm this is the right decision, or warrant caution, renegotiation, structural considerations, or even walking away.

October 29-31, 2013 / SCOTTSDALE- Gainey Ranch Golf Club and Hyatt Regency

The Art of M&A Integration:  A focus on the best practices for each element of the Integration life cycle (Pre-announce, Pre-close and Post-close) with the uniqueness of multiple organizational expertise threaded throughout; learn to transition effectively from diligence to integration; nuance processes and tools are shared with the attendees to establish the framework for better integration planning and flawless implementation.

I look forward to seeing you soon.


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