Going Global, Being Global: Degrees of Difficulty in Cross-Border M&A Deals

"....Global expansion has been a major growth initiative for companies around the world for decades, and it continues to be a powerful source of new customers and products as well as a means of access to critical talent and attractive cost structures. It also is a complex, multidimensional dynamic — and the motivations are frequently different. For some companies, the goal is growth by expanding into new geographies. But companies that are already operating in multiple geographies may not be seeking merely to grow so much as they are looking for better ways to realize the benefits of operating as truly global organizations. Thus, they face varying degrees of difficulty in making their merger and acquisition (M&A) strategies succeed.

Indeed, expanding into new countries and operating globally are two of the most difficult business challenges an employer can face. Despite the pervasive nature of globalization, it has not always been effectively implemented, many times as a result of less-than-effective HR management. Cultural, regulatory, information and infrastructural barriers place working beyond borders to gain the benefits of going global and/or being global among the biggest HR management challenges of our times...."


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