Facts & Stats: June 2014

Mid-Cap (US$ 20m-US$ 1bn) vs. Large Cap (US$ 1bn+) Deals in North America

  • Post 2007 peaks, North America’s large cap deals dropped in value for three years in a row. It was only in 2011 that the value started to increase again. In contrast, mid-cap deals only decreased for two years in a row and have since increased deal value for three consecutive years showing the quick recovery in favor of these sized deals
  • Q4 2012 saw large cap deals valued at US$ 257.2bn (63 deals) - the highest quarter for deal value and deal count on Mergermarket record outside of the glory years – the only other quarters to be higher were from Q4 2006 to Q2 2007
  • Large cap deals in 2012 was the highest valued year by deal value and deal count since 2007 (US$ 1,150.7, 287 deals)
  • Mid-cap deals in 2012 valued at US$ 293.8bn was 8.3% above pre-crisis levels of 2004 (US$ 271.5bn, 1,830 deals)
  • Q4 2012, valued at US$ 84.9bn for 424 deals, was the highest valued quarter in two years (Q4 2010, US$ 88bn, 419 deals)

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