Why Us

A Global Partnership of the Best in M&A

Because the M&A Leadership Council brings together the best professional service firms and talent in M&A, our presenters are all at the top of their field. They share years of real-world M&A experience and continue to facilitate active M&A transactions. These M&A leaders include attorneys, integration consultants, financial professionals, HR executives, IT advisors and published authors. They are true masters of the art of M&A.

With help from the M&A Leadership Council, you can prepare your company for M&A success. Our executive training programs are designed primarily for corporate executives, functional leads, program managers, and any stakeholders in the M&A process.


Benefits of M&A Leadership Council Executive Training


Get real-world best practices from M&A subject matter experts with global experience in due diligence; integration; divestitures; legal and regulatory compliance; human resources; and IT.


Learn in a unique and personalized seminar environment that includes case studies, breakout sessions, panel discussions and networking opportunities.


Take away a wealth of lessons and tools that you can immediately implement to maximize deal value.


A Message from Our Founder

For decades, more than half of M&A transactions have failed to attain their projected value. As we enter a new era of mergers and acquisitions, marked not only by a portfolio-driven approach to growth but also by increasingly complex transactions, the M&A Leadership Council is dedicated to reversing that trend by delivering exceptional M&A executive training and certification.

Jim Jeffries of MALC

"When you attend our programs, you join more than 7,000 M&A practitioners who have enjoyed best-in-class training from our expert instructors. Our presenters offer up their time, energy and intellectual property to deliver exactly what your organization needs to preserve and create value through mergers and acquisitions. The only organization of its kind, the M&A Leadership Council offers a single credible source for best practices, methodology, tools and standards for our industry. Our expert presenters, all actively involved in M&A transactions, are masters of the Art of M&A. What we teach is based on real experience, not academic research and theory, which is why our training programs are the highest rated and most practical in the business of M&A.

Our dedication to M&A excellence led us to launch the Board of M&A Standards, comprised of neutral M&A experts from some of the world’s most acquisitive organizations. They all share all passion for establishing best practices, best resources, best training and best programs for the M&A community, with the unique goal of raising the standards and eventual outcomes of mergers and acquisitions. The Board of M&A Standards also oversees the first-of-its-kind credentialing program for M&A practitioners. Our Certified M&A Specialist (CMAS) credential recognizes M&A professionals who demonstrate exceptional experience, mastery of M&A best practices and a commitment to continuing education.

We look forward to having you join us in sharing the Art of M&A.

-Jim Jeffries