Why Us

A Global Partnership of Companies Best in Their Domains


The M&A Leadership Council is a unique consortium of professional service firms, authors, experts and luminaries in the mergers and acquisitions business.  In other words, the Best of M&A.

The other common trait of this exclusive group is that they have all risen to the top of the M&A community with a passion to share their experiences and expertise with other M&A professionals and organizations involved in corporate growth, consolidation, restructuring and divestitures.

Jim Jeffries


A Message from Our Chairman

Welcome to our site and congratulations for being in one of the world’s most difficult, yet fulfilling careers, “Value Creation through Mergers and Acquisitions.”

Well over 1,600 executives have received their training and requisite tools for success from the M&A Leadership Council.  We are the only organization of its kind that is made up entirely of expert volunteers.  Our presenters offer up an investment of their time, energy and IP to create and deliver the content and tools M&A practitioners need to create value. 

We all know that for decades more than half of M&A transactions have failed to achieve the value promised by management. Even though these statistics have existed for years, there has not been a credible single source for best practices, standards for training and methods, tools and expertise to assure success. 

Until now. 

Our training programs are the highest rated and most practical in the business of M&A.  What we teach is based on real experience and not research theory or academics, and it is delivered by senior executives with many years and deal cycles in their backgrounds.

In January 2016 the M&A Leadership Council took our most aggressive step toward M&A excellence in launching the Board of M&A Standards.  This board of neutral M&A experts is being created with individuals from some of the world’s most acquisitive organizations. They have a passion to discover and distribute both the Art and the Science and assist the M&A community in establishing true best practices, best resources, best training and best programs to raise the standards and eventual outcomes of all mergers and acquisitions. 

The Board of M&A Standards is also helping us to create the first of its kind fellowship program to acknowledge the hard work endured by M&A practitioners, but also to provide recognition for success .  Those wishing to become a Certified M&A Specialist (CMAS) can document the achievement of the 3 E’s (Education, Exam and Experience) for Credentials that Count. 

We look forward to having you join us in the most critical, yet complex and challenging arena in the business world, as we share The Art of M&A.

Jim Jeffries