M&A Direct: Effectively Navigate Through Integration Chaos


If your acquisition integrations resemble a tightly managed initiative that regularly over-achieves the business case justifying the deal in the first place, then this webinar isn’t for you. However, if it’s closer to an uncoordinated functional mess in danger of not achieving (or worse, losing) value, then keep reading, we will help you navigate through that chaos

Many acquisition integrations never effectively link directly to the originally committed strategic deal thesis, and end up missing key business result outcomes, or worse – end up destroying deal value. This webinar will give you the insight you need to maximize that value

We will highlight 5 specific ways to identify, connect to, and drive key integration initiatives directly to the deal’s key value drivers. You will learn:

When to get Involved – and how integration leaders can be included in the strategy/workflow

What are you Buying and Why? Defining “Deal Type DNA” – specific requirements & objectives based on deal structure & deal-type characteristics

How to Create a “Concept of Integration” – and why you should visualize & outline one highlighting integration end-state across the enterprise

Why you need a “Value Driver Dashboard” – to help turn objectives into initiatives that are actionable and value-driven

How to Supercharge Integration with Predictive Milestones – to ensure accountability, focus and effective execution on more than just KPI