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Talent Search and Career Placement Services for M&A Professionals

Is your organization in need of a key leader to maximize the value of your M&A strategy? Behind schedule with diligence or integration and need experienced project talent? Or maybe you’re an experienced M&A professional looking to advance your career?


Importance of Talent

If M&A is central to the strategy of your organization then you are aware of the talent gap in our sector. The single greatest problem cited by the most skilled acquirers is the lack of M&A-ready resources.  M&A success is heavily influenced by the quality, availability and focus of the best talent working on the most important deal value-drivers.  Talent, or lack of it, is money in the M&A arena.

Why M&A Leadership Council Talent Services?

The M&A Leadership Council has always been focused on giving back to the M&A community and we have determined that we are now in a perfect position to be the hub for expert talent resources. Critical openings in your organization cost you time, money, missed opportunities and value erosion. We will become the premier search firm in North America that specializes exclusively in mergers & acquisitions. Our team is comprised of full-time staff and advisory board members who combine decades of expertise in the arena of M&A with equal expertise in the executive search industry. This allows us to conduct each search with urgency and top priority.

Talent Search Options for Companies

If your organization is growing by acquisitions and you need talent in a hurry, then contact us today.

Retained Search

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Our retained search service is intended for key leadership positions within corporate and consulting organizations.  We are uniquely positioned to conduct and successfully complete searches for talented professionals who excel at leadership, functional expertise and M&A. Our retained search capabilities include all M&A functions and roles from corporate development, due diligence, integration and senior-level functional leaders.

Exclusive Search

For essential, permanent M&A roles at the manager and staff levels we have a results-driven search process that leverages our extensive global talent network to efficiently source qualified, experienced candidates.

Project Services

M&A deals are dynamic and fast-paced.  Organizations struggle to keep up with the demands of challenging integration requirements. If your M&A teams need supplemental resources on an interim basis our Project Services group can deliver. Whether your needs are for due diligence or integration, we provide true M&A professionals with functional expertise in project management, accounting, finance, IT, HR, operations, sales and marketing.

Talent Placement for M&A Professionals

We are constantly establishing and cultivating relationships with experienced M&A professionals and companies looking for talent. If you are a professional who excels at what you do within the M&A space, then we should talk.

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