Noel Giger , Administration and Certification Manager

Noel Giger of MALC

Noel serves as Manager of Administration and Certification for the M&A Leadership Council, where she oversees the Certified M&A Specialist (CMAS®) program.  She brings with her over 20 years of expertise in administration, training, marketing and social media relations. 

Prior to joining the Council, she was a Senior Director with direct sales company BeneYOU, where she led a team of over 15,000 salespeople, established personnel performance metrics & recognition programs to encourage efforts toward team goals, fostered work culture of appreciation, collaboration, & inclusion to increase morale & reduce turnover.  She led projects to boost sales productivity and increased sales revenue by over 50%.  Noel was also recognized as a top field sales recruiter in 2012, 2013, 2014, & 2015.

She also served in administrative and marketing capacities at healthcare consulting company  Sullivan, Cotter and Associates, and management consulting firms Thomas Group, Inc and M&A Partners.  She brings her deep experience in the corporate consulting industry, process management, research and sales support skills – in addition to her positive “whatever it takes” attitude – to the Council and each CMAS® candidate that she assists.  She is also a published author and blogger.