August 18, 2021 | 10:00AM | Virtual

Boost Your Change Game: Take your M&A Change Management to the Next Level

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August 18, 2021 | 10:00AM
August 18, 2021 | 1:30PM

Course Description

You will learn:

  • Identify the most challenging M&A related change management dynamics.
  • Deal more effectively with resistance and flashpoints.
  • Strategies and tactics for aligning Target Company employees.
  • Plus, practical, relevant and meaningful ways to incorporate change management through the M&A lifecycle.

M&A success requires superb change management. We all get that!

Yet, for all the sweat, tears and ink spilled annually on this hyper-important topic, it’s still hard not to stink at it sometimes.

Consider these data points:

  • A recent study from McKinsey indicated that only one-third of 3,199 surveyed leaders view their current change programs as successful. More importantly, data from 10 years of McKinsey’s annual survey of M&A executives, indicates organizational issues like cultural differences and changed operating models account for almost 50 percent of the failure to meet a deal’s expectations.
  • A study of over 150 skilled acquirers by the M&A Leadership Council and Partner Organization, M&A Partners, indicated that change management in recognizing and adjusting to cultural differences was one of the “greatest remaining challenges” to more consistent integration success.

With a focus on practical insights and proven strategies, this Summer Breakthrough Series event will help you learn from other best-in-class peers, assess your current approach, and put real substance and meaningful actions behind the common cliches about change management in M&A.

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Participant survey input – the toughest change challenges to address and insights for success.
  • Tricky change management dynamics to watch out for and mitigate.
  • Dealing with resistance and flashpoints.
  • Strategies and tactics for aligning TargetCo employees to BuyCo.
    • Cultural norms and expectations.
    • Changes to operating model, processes, and practices.
    • Winning hearts and minds along the way!
  • Plus, practical, relevant, and meaningful ways to incorporate change management throughout the M&A lifecycle.

Learning Forums Include:

Keynote Overview

In this fast-paced keynote overview presentation, expert M&A Leadership Council and partner organization faculty will present the challenges, reveal the data, document the risks and business case impact, and identify principles for success.

Spotlight on Success

A highlight of each Summer Breakthrough Series event is the opportunity to shine the spotlight on organizations with proven models, outstanding practices, lessons learned and insights to share. This Spotlight session will feature 2-3 M&A Leadership Council partner organizations or leading corporate acquirers with demonstrated success in leading change across the M&A lifecycle.

Group Breakout Working Sessions

Based on your pre-event survey input, each attendee will be assigned to a group breakout session where you will meet with other peers with similar questions, objectives, and challenges to address for enhanced effectiveness with change management. An expert facilitator will support each concurrent session to help you maximize time and deep dive into the assigned challenge topics, identify best practices, then document insights and takeaway applications. Each group will report out key findings and recommendations to other participants.


Mark Herndon
Stephanie Snyder
Donald Nagle
Briana Sharp
John Bender

What to Expect

Based on the feedback of M&A Leadership Council alumnus and event participants, we are honored to host a truly unique learning event. Key components of the Summer Breakthrough Series include:

  • Easy to schedule and attend – conducted in one, 3.5-hour online module.
  • You help shape the content and workout exercises – each participant will be invited to provide input to the program faculty via a pre-event course survey. Weigh in with your ideas, questions, topics, and challenges.
  • Meaningful discussions / advanced topics – here’s your chance to go deeper on issues that will help you make an impact. We’ll tee-up the concepts and provide a framework for discussion – and then we’ll all dive in.
  • More networking, lessons learned and peer-to-peer insights – A hallmark of M&A Leadership Council events is the opportunity to meet, interact with and learn from experienced M&A executives and practitioners. This session will focus on practical solutions that can help acquirers of all types and experience levels.

Please note: this event will be conducted on Zoom. Please check with your IT department to verify your ability to use this platform. Registration will be password protected. You can learn more about the system requirements and download the latest Zoom Security White Paper for more detailed information.

Who Should Attend

  • Key Executives (CEOs, CFOs, Business Unit GM’s, VP Strategy/Corporate Development, etc.) – Those tasked with driving strategic growth through MA&D and accountable for deal resourcing or building a more robust and repeatable M&A capability in their respective organizations or seeking continuous improvements in key “gap areas” where consistent program execution has been problematic.
  • Corporate Development Leads – Those accountable to the executive committee or deal team for overall strategy execution, end-to-end M&A operations, internal capability development, and ensuring completion of the deal thesis objectives and synergies.
  • Integration Leads – Those principally responsible for integration strategy, planning, decision making, and accomplishing overall “integration complete” on-time, on-budget, and with the deal objectives met.
  • Integration Management Office Leads and Program Managers – Those responsible for detailed integration planning, mapping, and managing all cross-functional dependencies, scheduling, coordinating, tracking, statusing, reporting, managing risks, action items, and issues.
  • Function EVPs / VPs and Workstream Leads and Dedicated Workstream Program Managers – Those responsible for integration planning and execution of their specific functional, business, or cross-functional workstream across the M&A life cycle, while supporting all related cross-functional dependencies.

Tuition and Discounts

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M&A Leadership Council Alumni (past participant, 20%) You save $100 $400
CMAS Certification Candidate (30%)
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Register and pay for BOTH Summer Breakthrough Series Events
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The Resourcing Imperative:
Staffing Your M&A Team for Optimal Impact
July 21, 2021

Payment is accepted by credit card or ACH (invoice available at registration; payment is due prior to providing access credential).
Only one discount per person per event. Must be applied at time of registration.

Course Materials

Each registered participant will receive a summary of the seminar content in a watermarked PDF document along with exercise instructions to support the overall learning experience of each course.

CMAS Credits

Each candidate for the Certified M&A Specialist designation will earn 10 CMAS credits with completion of this training event.